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1 Euro A Square Meter - Land In France

The mayor of a small village in Normandy is offering plots of land for just 1 euro a square meter - but only to those who promise to build a house and live there full time.  In total the village has put 4 civil owned plots of between 900 to 1,000 square meters up for sale. The mayor, Patrick Madeleine, is struggling to raise money to renovate the community hall and hopes the arrival of new families will raise municipal revenue. "We're in a period where money is short, with state g...

William Saroyan House To Be Sold At Auction

The central Fresno house that famed Armenian-American author William Saroyan lived in for the last 17 years of his life is in foreclosure and headed to auction in May.  The simple stucco tract home at 2729 W. Griffith Way, just west of Cooper Middle School, has had three different owners since Saroyan's death in 1981 and has fallen into foreclosure twice, according to Fresno County public property records.  Neighbor Ernie Baca said the house has been used as a rental for years and...

Yerevan apartment buyers drop 34.5%

YEREVAN. – According to official data, the annual real estate purchase and sale transactions in Armenia have dropped by 30.6 percent, including 34.5 percent in capital city Yerevan, from January to March of the current year. But against the backdrop of the apartments’ mass offers, less number of apartments is purchased in the country. Such a sharp decline in demand should have led to price changes in the housing market. The official prices, however, are “apathetic” towa...

The average monthly nominal salary in finance sector of Armenia in November rose by 1.3% to 373.6 thousand.

The average monthly nominal salary in the highest paying segment of the economy of Armenia - the financial and insurance activities, in November 2014 compared to November 2013 increased by 1.3% to 373,628 drams, according to the National Statistical Service of Armenia. The lowest paid spheres in Armenia became the scope of other services, where salaries amounted to about 107.6 thousand  AMD, the scope of the organization of accommodation and catering - 110.9 thousand AMD, culture, entertain...

Ranking of Armenian banks’ loan portfolios for 2014

The aggregate loan portfolio of Armenia’s banks amounted to AMD 2 163 billion in 2014 after growing 21.2% over the year. ARKA News Agency’s analysis shows that Ameriabank, VTB Bank (Armenia), Ardshinbank, HSBC Bank Armenia and Armbusinessbank were largest lenders among the country’s banks in 2014. These banks’ aggregate loan portfolio amounted to AMD 1 135.7 billion and made up 52.5% of the total lending of the country’s banks. Ameriabank, with its AMD 300.4 billi...

Armenia Immigration: Visa, Residence & Citizenship

Armenia has a very liberal immigration policy favoring free movement of persons and business immigration. Immigrating to Armenia is a fast and relatively low cost procedure. Immigrants are not required to make large investments, purchase real property, obtain health insurance, speak Armenian etc.

Plans revealed for floating snowflake hotel in Norway that offers the perfect view of the Northern Lights

If you want to get the best view of Aurora Borealis, it is best to be as far away from light pollution as possible. So this new floating hotel could be the perfect answer for holidaymakers who want to spend their evenings looking skyward for a glimpse of the glorious Northern Lights. Rather appropriately, the new luxury hotel will be shaped like a snowflake and will be based in the fjords near the Norwegian town of Tromso, which sits within the Arctic Circle - one of the best places to spot the...

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