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Why our clients choose us?

Realty services see a permanent growth of competition in domestic/local market. In this situation, all up to date information and contacts of property owners become one of the most fundamental indicators for the realty agent success. offers realtors access to the biggest database of living and commercial realty in Armenia. In addition, it offers a complex toolset to handle this information.Realtors are no more obliged to waste time on looking for new clients and offers. Once there is a new property to rent or for sale in Yerevan, all necessary information is available on our website.


What the realtor gains after his registration?

Access to the permanently updated advertisements from property owners

Possibility to place properties on a website with high traffic

Personal account with possibility to save and work on information about clients and properties benefits

What is the best proof of any given service effectiveness? Indeed, this is the quantity of people continuously using this service. The permanent users of our service are practically all big realty agencies realty agents in Yerevan. Thus, the following benefits insure users loyalty.


Reliability and up to date information

        Realty database is updated in a daily basis. We are thoroughly checking and moderating coming advertisements in order to      insure reliability.


          MyRealty service is available on mobile devices at anytime anywhere in the world (24 hours a day)

        Convenient search feature

        Fast and convenient search of properties by the given characteristics and parameters.

  Informational content/informativeness

         All published advertisements on realty sale or rent in Armenia are at most informative and are accompanied by professional photographies.


How our service make your life easy and contributes to your sales growth?

Our service is aimed to economize your time, money and nerves. You will no longer need to waste money on ads, call for announcements and run around town hoping to find alternatives, and what is the most important, no more need to convince potential clients to use your services in particular. Once registered in our system, you will get an access to the biggest database of property owners. You will receive requests from your potential clients via mobile phone and you will have just to contact them and get an appointment.

Do not waste a single moment and remember that some of your competitors are already registered and are finding ways to reach your clients right now. Seize a moment and register now.  



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