The main goal of the Bank is to support the development and growth of the SME in Armenia.


ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK is one of the biggest banks in Armenia. Currently the Bank provides various universal banking services, such as bank accounts opening and service, transfers of monetary funds, foreign currency exchange, provision of bank guarantees, documentary letters of credit, commercial, agricultural, collateral, education, consumer, purchase mortgage, renovation mortgage, credit, installment here-and-now and heating loans, issuing and maintenance of international VISA, MasterCard, American Express and local ArCa plastic cards, opportunities to make utility payments, account management via ACBA ON-LINLE system, ACBA Mobile application, Phone Banking and also registry operation and securities custody.

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK is a member of SWIFT payment system, international VISA card payment system, founding member of local ArCa card payment system and also the exclusive payment implementing representative of American Express card. ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK received a full Principal Membership License and Merchant Acquiring licenses from VISA International association; and is the member of Union of Banks of Armenia and CICA.

The Bank has 58 branches (including the Bank’s Head office), 17 of which are in Yerevan, the others are in the 10 regions of Armenia, and approximately 200 ATMs on the territory of Armenia.



ЗАО «АРМБИЗНЕСБАНК» предоставляет следующие банковские услуги:

  • платежно-расчетные операции,
  • привлечение вкладов,
  • предоставление кредитов,
  • переводы,
  • предоставление и обслуживание пластиковых карт,
  • операции на рынке гос. ценных бумаг,
  • финансовые операции на межбанковском рынке,
  • предоставление банковских гарантий
  • предоставление индивидуальных ячеек.

Одной из целей Банка является использование новых банковских технологий, а также предложение клиентам цельного пакета банковских услуг.



РА, г. Ереван 0010, ул. Налбандяна д.46 ,Тел. номер: +(374 8000) 87-87 










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